Studio Lighting

Studio photography is and always has been one of my favourite photography types, however setting up your own studio can be pretty expensive which is why I believe it’s important that you learn a range of lighting techniques which look challenging but can be created with the use of only one studio light.

Split Lighting


This lighting technique was created by placing one light at a 90 degree angle facing the subjects face, this causes only one side of the face to be illuminated and the other dark/shadowed as their is no light falling onto it.

Butterfly Lighting


This technique is created by only one light placed directly in front of the subject; facing downwards which results in a butterfly shaped shadow underneath the subjects nose. This image hasn’t been incredibly successful as the shadowing under the nose isn’t very clear, however to next time ensure the shadow is clearer to see I believe the light would need to be angled higher than I had it and also may need the subject to be slightly closer to the light.

Rembrandt Lighting


Rembrandt is a lighting technique that works better on some models than others, however it’s another technique that only requires one light. It can be done by placing the light at a 40 degree angle to the subject.


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