Studio Fashion

model: ben upton

I carried out this studio shoot in order to then turn the images into magazine covers; to carry out this shoot I put a lot of thought into pose, clothing, lighting and colour to visually communicate a different/certain message in each image.

When carrying out the shoot for these images I ensured I always had lots of negative space around my subject to allow for the magazine titles and any extra text; however, after researching the Elle Men magazine I noticed the title was often placed behind the subject. I used this technique to make the subject stand out, Elle magazine is much better known as a female fashion magazine so I believe having the model pop out to the viewers would ensure males would take notice that it wasn’t a magazine for women.

I wanted to mix up both smart and casual, compared to other fashion magazines I-D advertises very casual clothing so I aimed to add an element of class. I decided to pair a smart shirt with casual ripped jeans, to add a more casual element to a formal outfit. With young adults/teens being the target audience this would grab their attention as it is not common that males wear a full suit when attending formal events, more typically jeans with a shirt/blazer.

I shot my images in RAW and JPEG, this is because in post-production any faults with lighting could be corrected on RAW files, if I only shot with JPEG images the image quality would be less and I would not be able to correct any problems as effectively as they are lossy files. When shooting, I used a large soft box, the diffused lighting created with this light evenly wraps around the subject which avoids patches of the image being over or under exposed where the light has/hasn’t fallen. I had no lights on the backdrop as I didn’t want the white looking too harsh compared to the soft light covering the model. As I was working in the studio I was able to keep my ISO at 100, this ensured my images were exposed perfectly with no grain.


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