English Heritage – Osbourne House

I have created a series of images that English Heritage could use for their re-launch, my aim was to target a younger contemporary 25+ age group. No model release forms have been required as any people included in the images have not got their faces showing. All images have been produced to their standard size and cropped to square, all of which are saved as JPEG files.

To target a more contemporary age group I have used presets during post production in light room; I downloaded a set of presets from VCSO Cam, which is a photo editing program used by the younger generation on their mobile phone. I believe the use of recognisable filters will grab the attention of people of the intended age. To further interest a younger generation of people I have taken images at alternative angles, for example from above the landscape. In post-production I have also cropped my images in ways that create interesting shapes, using the negative space in the images to my advantage.

Due to the low lighting conditions, from the rain, the skies in the images were very dull. I used the gradient tool to add some colour into the sky and increased the shadows to bring out the clouds. The exposure has also been slightly increased on areas of each image to ensure the lighting has a more positive look, than the dullness from the rainy weather.

To capture my images I have used a Canon 1200D, with my kit lens, this limited me in my ability to capture full images of the large buildings. Creating a panorama image by merging multiple images together would allow me to be more successful with my images in this aspect.


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